Hello lovelies!

My name is Sabreena, and I’m a thirty-something living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I love reading, and decided to start a blog where I could share my thoughts on some of my latest reads.

Like many of you, I could spend entire days in my cozies on the couch, reading, drinking tea, and occasionally munching on something. I also enjoy prosecco, and fully believe that you should always have a bottle in the fridge in case of a celebration. Sometimes you are celebrating your best friend’s birthday, sometimes you are celebrating a Friday evening in after a long week, and sometimes you have a delicious cupcake and you need something to wash it down with!

So, welcome to Books and Prosecco!

My posts will mainly be about books, but you may see a prosecco bottle or two in some of the photos – which I take myself (except for the photo in this post which was taken by the lovely Paige at Paige Owen Design & Photography).

I also welcome book recommendations! My to-be-read list is massive, but I don’t care. I will always crave more books because they make me happy. And isn’t that what life is all about?

THANK YOU for visiting my blog, and please feel free to comment your thoughts, ideas, recommendations, or if you just want to be book-friends!

~ Sabreena