#YARC2020 – Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

Last year, my goal for YARC was a little (okay, a lot) ambitious. I wanted to read 50 books by Asian authors… and I didn’t even read that many books total! Will that stop me from aiming for 50 books again? Nope!

YARC was started because there are so many amazing books written by Asian authors that are not talked about enough. So now, all of us YARC-ies (I totally just made that up; we are not called YARC-ies) are going to yell about the brilliant and fantastic Asian books that we read this year!

First things first, make sure you are check out the wonderful hosts:

Lily – Sprinkle of Dreams
Shealea – Shut Up Shealea
Vicky – Vicky Who Reads
CW – The Quiet Pond

And learn more about YARC and sign-up yourself here!

As I mentioned, I am going to still keep my goal as the Asian Elephant, or 50 books by Asian authors. This year is a little different in that badges are “awarded” as you progress, so everyone starts at level one and moves their way up as they read more books.

Here are all of the badges (which were all drawn by CW!):

1-10 books
11-20 books
21-30 books
31-40 books
41-50 books
51+ books

YARC2020 Books Read

Here are all of the books I’ve read by Asian authors in 2020 (I’ll be updating this throughout the year and linking to my reviews):

  1. When You Ask Me Where I’m Going by Jasmin Kaur
  2. Saints & Misfits by S.K. Ali

Stay tuned for a post about which books by Asian authors I am hoping to read this year!

And let me know if you are planning on joining YARC or any other reading challenges!

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