Friday Favourites – Magic Systems

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday everyone! Friday Favourites was originally created by Kibby from Something of the Book, but is now hosted by Lorraine from Geeky Galaxy. Make sure you check out both of their blogs, and join in with your own Friday Favourites!

This week, we are talking about Magic Systems and since I mostly read fantasy, I know of one or two magic systems that will blow your mind!

The City of Brass series by S.A. Chakraborty
Bookmarks from TheTwinkleCanvas

Daevabad – The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty – y’all thought I’d do a post without talking about this series?! Never.

One reason I really like the magic system in this world is because Chakraborty uses it to emphasize diversity – in both good and bad ways. Humans are nothing because they don’t have magic, but those who are half-human and half djinn are still considered “less” because they are half human. Obviously, we see it as ridiculous, but what if the same scenario was applied to race? Religion? Sexuality? Are those of one race better than another? I think not.

But back to the magic. The magic that people have in this world is amazing, and I love that different people from different areas have different affinities. Some have a connection to fire, others to water, and others to earth. It is a little complicated at times (it is an adult fantasy), but Chakraborty does a good job of slowly building it throughout the story instead of just dumping it on you.

The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo
Tarot cards designed by Noverantale

Grishaverse – Shadow and Bone/Six of Crows/The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo – I absolutely loved the different magics that people have in this world. I myself would definitely be a Heartrender… but all forms of Grisha are amazing!

Bardugo created a world where Grisha magic is powerful but feared, and where those who can do magic are not always welcomed. But this is addressed (I think more in Six of Crows, but to be honest, most of Shadow and Bone is a blur to me…), and we even have a character who learns that Grisha are people too and don’t need to be feared or killed. That character is, of course, one of the best characters in the Grishaverse, in my opinion!

The Truthwitch series by Susan Dennard

Witchlands – Truthwitch series by Susan Dennard – this is definitely one of my favourite series, and I love it because of the different magics that everyone can do! I actually found this magic system to be more confusing than The City of Brass, but it didn’t hinder the story or my love for it!

In this series there are umbrella categories of witches: Void, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Aether. Under those, there are even more categories of witches. So Safiya is a Truthwitch which falls under the Aetherwitch category. My main difficulty with this was that there were so many different kinds of powers that I sometimes lost track of who had what magic. Again, it didn’t ruin the story though, and there are many online resources to help keep track of everything!

Alright, there are three of my favourite magic systems in three of my favourite worlds from three of my absolute favourite series! I highly recommend all of these with my whole heart because they are truly amazing, and will leave you feeling both entirely complete and desperately needing more!

Tell me some of your favourite magic systems in the comments!

Thank you for reading Books and Prosecco!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – Magic Systems

  1. Reading Bardugo’s stuff I just keep wishing the poor Grisha could catch a break, for once! EVERYONE seems to be out to kill them, all the time. Then they have a nice little civil war thing going on, so they’re killing each other. Seriously depressing sometimes 😦

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