Friday Favourites – TV Shows to Watch When Not Reading

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday everyone! Friday Favourites (I’m Canadian so I’m adding the ‘u’!) was created by the ever-so-wonderful Kibby from Something of the Book. She loves lists, so decided to start her own weekly meme! Make sure you check out her blog for more information, and join in!

This week’s topic is: TV shows to watch when you’re not reading! Now, because of work and school and reading and life, I don’t watch a ton of TV. However, I do have a few favourites still, so here you go!

Doctor Who

Are you even surprised? I hope not. I ADORE Doctor Who. I’ll admit, I never watched the classics, but from Nine to Thirteen, I am a committed fan.

Now I can understand that it is a bit of a commitment to catch up – from Doctors Nine to Thirteen, you’re looking at 11 seasons.

David Tennant being cute AF.

But it is WORTH IT. It’s an emotional roller coaster, but trust me.. it will change your life.

Billie Piper as Bad Wolf.

Game of Thrones

So, GoT, if you didn’t know, does have some trigger/content warnings… it is a bit aggressive, brutal, terrifying, and I freaking love it.

The next and FINAL season airs on April 14, so if you have not watched it or are not caught up, GET ON IT! There are so many theories out there, I just need to know what happens.

Jon Snow saying, “I’m ready.” AKA me lying to myself about season 8.

Also, Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, was quoted saying, “I know there’s going to be some things in this last season that will shock people.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

Jon Snow getting ready to kick butt. Also, this is shortly before he realizes Sansa is a badass and he should have listened to her.

Grey’s Anatomy

First and foremost, Christina Yang is a gift from god and no one can tell me otherwise.

Christina Yang saying, “Nobody cares.”

This show will destroy you. And you will beg for more.

In all seriousness, it does tackle some important topics, everything from racism to sexism, love and death, right versus wrong.

Grey’s has had some ups and downs for sure, but as it’s on its 15th season, I think it’s safe to say, it is pretty damn great.

Christina Yang saying, “I’m ruined, okay? I am dead. I am a wreck.” AKA me after every episode.

What are some of your favourite TV shows to watch when you’re not reading?

Thank you for reading Books and Prosecco!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – TV Shows to Watch When Not Reading

  1. Every single one of the shows you mentioned also made it on to my list! I love allll of these shows so much! Rose & Ten broke my heart. Grey’s Anatomy is the best. I am not prepared for Game of Thrones.

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