A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

A Court Of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

“To the readers who look up at the stars and wish.”

Do you ever read a book or watch a show and think, “Can’t we just see them be happy for like 10 minutes with no one attacking them!?” That is this book. It is a small window of calm after the HUGE storm that is ACOWAR.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this book is not a happy ending – well, not for everyone at least. However, it is a break from the fighting and wars. It is a chance to see our favourite Inner Circle just live their every day lives. I neither wanted nor needed anything more than that, so for me, this novella was practically perfect!

“We’re spending Solstice together. All of us.”

Okay, first, Rhysand and Feyre. Believe it or not, their stories were not my favourites in this novella. I love them, especially Rhys, and I always will. In this book though, I didn’t *feel* their struggles from the aftermath of the war as much as I did with the others. That being said, you could still tell that they were struggling, and I appreciated that. No one, Fae or not, would be okay after everything they went through.

Also, everyone who has read this series remembers Chapter 55 of ACOMAF. Well, saddle up folks, because Chapter 22 of ACOFAS is just as steamy!

“It’s the legends, the lies, they spin us when we’re children. About the glory and the wonder of the mating bond. I thought it was all bullshit. Then you two came along.”

Oh my Illyrian baby, Cassian! I loved Cassian’s story in this book. He dealt with some TOUGH sh*t in ACOWAR, and I wish he could have had the happy ending he deserved. His struggles with Nesta are heartbreaking, and UGH, I just want to pummel her!

Alright, alright. I understand that Nesta is dealing with some serious PTSD and whatever darkness she absorbed while in the Cauldron, but I really do hate the way she treats Cassian! I know! She hasn’t figured out how to cope with what she has gone through, and she needs help and support. BUT Cassian!!

“‘Is he dead?’
‘Then I’d say you controlled yourself admirably.’
I laughed. ‘Bloodthirsty of you, Mor.'”

Mor is one of my favourite members of the Inner Circle, but I really wish she had been open about her sexuality with her Inner Circle family. I definitely believe it is a personal choice to share something like that, but for such a strong character in such a popular book series, to do so could potentially inspire so many real life people.

Azriel is such a presious little Shadowsinger! He is so fierce in his loyalty that you can’t help but love him. However, his story was so-so for me. I wanted more about him, but the parts we did get, I thoroughly enjoyed. I am also very much on the Az-Elain ship. Give me more!

“‘Three Illyrian warriors,’ I said. ‘The greatest Illyrian warriors. Are having a snowball fight.'”

Speaking of Elain. She actually made me mad in this book! Hear me out. Yes, I understand that she did not choose to become Fae and was forced into the Cauldron, and yes, I understand that she was in love with someone else and does not want to be Lucien’s mate. That is all absolutely fine. Why, though, can’t she be decent to Lucien? Why does she have to ignore him all the time? That, I do not understand. I definitely had hoped that she would show some growth and at least be kind to him. I don’t need or want her to fall head over heels for him, but I did want her to make an effort and show some compassion for what he is going through.

“Amren…strutting through the door, nearly swallowed up by the enormous white fur coat she wore. Only her chin-length dark hair and solid silver eyes were visible above the collar…
‘You look like and angry snowball,’ Cassian said.”

Last, but not least, my other favourite couple, Amren and Varian! They are perfect, and I hope they live happily together forever and ever. I love that she is who she is, and he LOVES her for it, unconditionally, without being mates! They are PERFECTION!

“Fifteen thousand years, she had been stuck in this world. And had not loved, not in the way that could alter history, alter fate, until that silver-haired Prince of Adriata.”

Overall, this novella was a nice little escape back into Velaris. We get to see our favourite characters after the war just trying to put their pieces back together. Some do and some don’t, and that is okay. I really enjoyed the multiple points-of-view, and of course the writing in general is amazing. Now I will (not so) patiently wait for Sarah J. Maas’ new series!

“And from far away, as if it was carried on the cold wind, I heard the Suriel’s voice.
Feyre Archeron, a request. Leave this world a better place than how you found it.'”

Have you read ACOFAS? What did you think of the novella?

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